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Helping hands international (H2i) is a charity NGO made up community of positive - minded people. A place where members are encouraged to believe in themselves & their God-given ability to succeed. It is a circle of people who believe they can make a difference in the life of others no matter how small.
You are considered a good example of a Help partner with H2i if everyone who comes around you sees a reason to aspire higher & become better. H2i feeds the poor, clothe them & house them.

Incentives load down below:
Stage 1: You get $26 or $58
Stage 2: You will earn a minimum of $1000 (N165,000), & qualify for a brand new apple Ipad worth over N130,000 & will also be given a CUG line for limitless communication.

Interestingly, achieving all this in less than 2weeks of joining is very possible depending on ur determination.
In stage 3, You earn $3000 & a brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA (the Latest Model) worth about N4.5m in the market now! December, this year, Nigerians will witness the 3rd car award to Nigerians by H2i.

- Also, $1000 cheque each handed over to two (2) non-members of H2i , whom u personally recommended to H2i as less privileged. This is grant; Not a loan! And it is given non-members by H2i courtesy of u.
Stage 4 offers opportunity to earn another cash of  $6000 & a brand new jeep worth $27,000 - the HYUNDAI ix35!.
You will also be privileged to empower a less privileged home. This is a grant in Millions.

Stage 5 offers over $12,000 cash, $40,000 housing fund, an opportunity for an all expense international exotic holiday sponsored by H2i.
- The infinity bonus for life & much more.
Infact, the benefits you enjoy in H2i is enormous & can't be exhausted.
I challenge you to explore this simple but powerful opportunity. I dare u to give it attention! It is not just a Multi-Level Marketing agenda. It is a movement with a great motive to destroy scarcity, lack & want in people's lives.
H2i has a good number of sponsors Like GLO, Diamond Bank, Hyundai, Apple Inc, Hp etc who believe strongly in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The Ipads come from Apple Inc, who are partners with H2i.

16 Reasons Why YOU Should Become An Helping Hands International (Charity Organization) Member (Partner):

1. Loan: Obtain A Loan Of Up To N2m. No Interest, No Collateral
2. Free Brand New Cars: Acquire A Brand New Hyundai Elantra (Full Paid For By H2i)
3. Asset & Property Support: Acquire Any Asset Or Property Of Your Choice, Even With Your Available 30% Cash
4. Trade & Skill Empowerment: Learn Any Trade Or Skill Of Your Choice Free Of Charge.
5. Earn Unlimited Cash, : Earn An Unlimited Amount Cash Inflow Of $8 Daily, Weekly & Monthly
6. Land & House Of Your Own: Acquire a plot of land in the H2i Land Availability locations Of Your Choice
7. Free Apple Ipad /HP Laptop: Get Either An Apple Ipad Or HP Laptop, Based On Your Choice
8. Empowerment For 2: Have The Privilege of Touching The Lives of 2 People of your Choice (Orhans, Widows, Less Privileged)  with  $1000 Each 
9.  Scholarship: Get Scholarship For Any Of Your 2 Children, Even To University Level.
10. Exotic International Travels: Free Dubai Trips (Plus Shopping Token)
11. Opportunity To Empower Any Motherless Babies Home Of Your Choice: You Pick  Any Orphanage Home Of Your Choice And  H2i Empowers Them On Your Behalf.
12. Get A Free CUG Line: Our Members Get Free CUG Glo Lines Call Other Members
13. Get Paid For Your Skills: Are You Skilled In any Craft or Skills and You Can Pass The knowledge To Others? .. Well, Members Get Paid For Instructorship.
14. . Religious Empowerment: On Your Behalf, H2i Touches the Lives Of  your Religious Brothers And Sisters (Christians/Muslims)
15. Get Connected: Opportunity To Meet Like-Minded Businessmen and Women.
16. You are Unlimited: With H2i, No Limitations  To What you Can Achieve In any given time or place. You are Truly Unlimited.
Why Assume When You Can Ask????
To Know More About Or Become A Partner Please Call/Whatsapp me on:08164713876


1. More earnings and benefits. As soon as you earn in your Dollars or qualify for Laptop or car in your main account, the first 2 legs or slots under you are automatically next in line to also earn but in a situation where somebody else has registered there, then the member in that position is next.
2: The first 2 slots attached directly to you would form your eyes to see your many stage 2 down lines when you get to stage 3 as the stage 3 board is different from stage 1 and stage 2. You can no longer see a pictorial view of all your down lines when you get to stage 3.
3. Having multiple H2i accounts is for the visionary member who can see further than most people. When the dividends starts showing, it becomes enviable to those who could not see that far.
4. Instead of pushing you up once, your down lines push you up multiple times thereby making your earnings come faster and at different places.
5. Then it makes it easier and faster for your other accounts to follow the main one in earnings/incentives before that of the people you will register since those accounts are immediately following the first account you opened.
6. Then it makes it much easier to monitor your matrix and progress since your accounts follow serially before that of the people you will register.
7. Since some people would want to see results first before they will join,opening more than once account under your first would make you earn dollars in your first account so you can have something to show those people who want to see results first before they register..
This will help you in prospecting till you start earning big.
Anyway this will be a lot clearer to you by the time the earnings start coming but the bad thing is that you wouldn't be able to undo it by then so just try and take this advice from those who have experienced this and ate talking out of experience so you wouldn't be regretting by then.

So build a solid future today by becoming a Help Partner.
To Know More About Or Become A Partner Please Call/Whatsapp me on:08164713876

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How To Improve Your Memory Within 30 Days and Be Free from the Embarrassment of Forgetfulness

How To Improve Your Memory Within 30 Days and Be Free from the Embarrassment of Forgetfulness I believe you will agree with me that forgetfulness is really embarrassing. Imagine getting to the exam hall you have spent days or weeks to prepare for, but look and behold, you can hardly remember 30 percent of all you have read. Is this not embarrassing and disgusting? May be you often forget names of people and feel ashamed to tell the person you can’t remember his or her name again. Imagine you have spent weeks to prepare for an interview but getting to the interview center you have been longing for so long , may be to get employment or promotion but unfortunately even though you are ask simple question that you are familiar with but it has evaporated. Is this not embarrassing? Dear reader ,it is not everything that is Satan, the problem may be due to health challenges that you are not aware of. I have been victim before and I know how embarrassing it is. But there is no problem without solution. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Monday, April 4, 2016

How To Cure Diabetes Naturally Fast Without Using Any Drug Diabetes is characterized by abnormally high level of blood sugar or glucose and by the excretion of the excess glucose in the urine. Many doctors may tell you it has no cure and that once you are affected you can only manage it for the rest of your life. But I want to assure you that it can be cured naturally if you can follow simple guides I will expose to you in this article and other related tips I will give to you. These are health tips and guides to cure your diabetes: Treatment with grape fruit: Grape fruit is a splendid food in the diet of a diabetic patient. If grape fruit were eaten more literally, there would be much less diabetes. This is the step to follow to cure your high blood sugar using grape fruits. Use three grape fruits three times in a day. If you do not have high blood sugar but you want to prevent it or have the tendency ,you can as well follow the step. Make sure each meal you take contains some source of protein as it doesn’t increase the blood sugar immediately . Treatment with other foods: The following are foods medicinal for diabetics patients beans, cucumber, onion. Treatment with garlic: Garlic has been found to be excellent spice and medicinal for all ailments, it is good even for non -diabetes people when added to soup. This is the step to follow as diabetics patients: Ensure you chew three to four cloves of raw garlic in the morning with empty stomach before taking any meal. Practice water therapy. Drink at least two glass cups of fresh water immediately you wake up in the morning. Avoid high carbohydrate foods in the morning. I want to assure you that if can follow these simple but powerful health tips highlight here you will soon forget you have experienced diabetics in your life before. I wish you a fulfilled and healthy life!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

HOW TO BE FREE FROM DISEASES & SICKNESS Dear reader , in this article ,I want to take you back to the initial plans of God for man. In the book of Genesis it was recorded that God look at everything He created and He said they were all good( including you). It was after the fell of man that the good turn to bad. Oh what a pity for man! It was from then man has been experiencing of kinds of catatrophics ranging from sickness to diseases like headache , diabetics ,heart failure , liver damage ,coma (state of unconsciousness) etc just to mention few. But I have good news for you , no matter what may be the state of your health right now, things can be changed if can following some simple steps . May I tell you ,this world is govern by principles or laws. There are in opreation supernatural,natural,physical laws but we are only concern with basics supernatural and majorly natural laws here for now. May be you are asking what does laws have to do with my health? I want to tell you that for you enjoy your life on this earth you must not despise laws. You must aligne your life with both supernatural and natural laws that are godly. These are some the laws: Law of sowing and reaping which says whatsoever you sow you will reap. You may ask how does this applicable to my health? Let me buttress my point with holy bible. In spite that God was taking care of children of Israel , He still told them to dig hole to cover there faeces. Why did He has to tell them this ,would He has all power to make them how live healthy? Yes He has because He is Almighty God but He is God of principles and He wouldn't want His children to be principles breakers and be expecting sound health. The point I am making is that ,don’t live your life anyhow and be expecting good health. If live or eat you well, you will live well and if you do otherwise you will reap the consequence as well ,that is truth. Be diligent to study yourself. Study your own body system and stop comparing yourself with another person. Like for me, if I eat late in the night especially heavy food like eba, pounded yam,it normally affect me the following day, that is me ,study yourself. Let there be interval between meals. Some people are fond of eating just the way it comes ,this is bad eating habit, if you want to enjoy your health ,you have to change. Normally minimum of two hours must be between full meal, while 30 minutes is expected between fruits and meal. taking after eating is wrong , it is better to take fruits thirty minutes before eating or two hours after meal. Also avoid taking snack in between two hours of eating for proper digestion and to reduce toxic in your body which is the cause of many sicknesses and diseases we are experiencing today. In essence, read, study and seek more knowledge about how to live healthy and apply all you learn and discover. Do visit this site as well to discover more knowledge about healthy living. There are still many more principles and laws I am constrain with time and space to write here but I have a special package which contain all these laws for your healthy living in details. It is in ebook format i.e you can have it on your phone if it has pdf reader and if it doesn’t have ,you can download it from intetnet by typing download free pdf reader on google and you can as well have it on your laptop or any iphone. It is title “HOW TO ENJOY HEALYHY LIFE BY FOLLOWING SIMPLE GUIDES OR PRINCIPLES FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIVING ON DRUGS”. In this ebook I took pain to explain all these laws in more details. The ebook is just for token amount of #1000 to appreciate the time spent to write and type and work done which is nothing to you compare with all you will discover in this special package. I believe you value your health and you will not because of this little amount mis the special knowledge that will be of great value to your life. Remember Health is Wealth! These are the contents of this ebook: How to boost your bo

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sure Way To Make Extra Income

SURE WAY TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY Hello my Wonderful People, I know by now you must have heard of the buzz netcontacts is creating on facebook, twitter and different blogs because of the high income involved. This post was supposed to be an eBook but because of my generosity and for the sake of my lovely readers wanting to know what netcontacts is all about, I am giving it out for FREE!. You can earn up to N1.5 Million within few months of being a member of the site. It’s not like all those refer links that promise you 1$ per refer and at the end of the month you’ll get nothing. With Netcontact you’ll watch your money grow. No need for any survey or whatsoever, you will just sit in the comfort of your Home or office and you will be getting credit alerts from your bank all the time. Why I Love Netcontacts is because it is a Nigerian site and 100% real.f the huge amount of income netcontacts is generating for them. This is not a FRAUD! It’s genuine, real, tested and trusted. I myself have made money from it also, so it is not what I am told but what I am into. Thousands of Nigerians are becoming Netcontact members on a daily basis due to the benefits involved. WHAT ARE THESE BENEFITS YOU MAY ASK? 1. You will be paid N1,500 for every person you invite to register as a Netcontact member through your invitation code. I know N1,500 is Chicken Change to some people but my people say na from kobo millions dey take come. Netcontacts is the only online Money paying venue that I know that pays that much; even does not pay that much. Fiverr pay you $4 per each gig you sell, if you convert $4 into Nigerian currency, it will be N640; and N640 is not up to N1,500 that netcontacts pay you when you register with them. With netcontcats you are not selling anything; you just invite people to register with them and you get paid N1,500 into your bank account here in Nigeria. Example: if you can invite 10 people per day, you will be paid (10 x N1,500 = N15,000) if you add up (N15, 000 x 31 days = N465,000) now ask yourself this, which job in this dwindling economy of ours will pay you that much monthly? You will be paid allowances, bonus etc from Netcontacts office Nationwide. Netcontact gives out loan to their full paid registered member to go to school, to start up a business, to buy a car, to get married, to travel abroad, to build your own house etc. QUALIFICATIONS: There is no qualification involved. Even a primary school student can register and work with Netcontacts so far you can read and write. MATERIALS NEEDED: Just a mobile phone that can browse and a valid Bank Account number because you will be paid daily directly into your bank account anywhere here in Nigeria WORK HOURS: You work anywhere and anytime you like because you are your own boss. HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER: Log on to the home page the website will display, after that you will click on MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION After you have clicked on Membership Registration, the site will navigate you to a page where you will register as free trial.Please note this, you will not be allow to register without Invitation CODE, and when you are ask for invitation code please supply this code 6824995711. One thing about netcontacts is that they doNoten’t register people themselves, you must be invited by a full member of the site before you can register on the site. A full registered member of netcontacts must invite you with his/her INVITATION CODE. It is this invitation code that will open the gate for you before you can register. I will advise you to register with my own invitation code which is this ( 6824995711) once you input the code I just supplied into the box , the full netcontacts registration form will display and you will fill in your data . You too will be given your own invitation code to invite other after you registered as full member I.e after you make your payment .Once again the the invitation code to register is 6824995711. This is the address of the website . You can contact me through this phone numbers for any enquiry 08061651713 0r 08150776461. NOTE :PLEASE TAKE ACTION WHILE THIS OPPORTUNITY IS FRESH. I HAVE SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR YOU AFTER REGISTER THROUGH THE ABOVE INVITATION CODE, THESE CONTAIN TWO POWERFUL EBOOKS CAN EARN MORE EXTRA INCOME ONLINE.JUST CONTACT ME AFTER YOUR REGISTRATION FOR THESE SPECIAL BONUS. GOODLUCY!

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Dear business owner ,I want you to know that having business or products and services to sell is not enough,you must be able attract new customers and retain the present ones. This calls for effective marketing strategies.Sir/ma you need to know how to attract customers and retain them because this is the central focus of your business.Today's business is now customer driven and not products driven. Knowledge is power so they say but i will say applied knowledge is power. I want you to apply all I will be sharing with you in this short article. You are about to discover today's ways of attracting customers and retaining them.Please, i want you to pay close attention because i believe what am about to share with you will catapult your business to new level and life entirely.May be you have been having customers but loosing them in short time and you have been wondering why.I believe the following tips will provide solution to your plight your questions. Build Relationship and Trust You see,building relationship and cultivating friendship with the customers is the basis for trust. And trust is the foundation for successful business and life. We must really care about the people who enjoy our products or services.People do not care much about what we know until they know how much we care. And one of the ways to express our care is by listening. Ensure Your Product & Service is Value Added Dear business owner ,i want you to understand that people will not buy your product , service or idea just because you offer them.People buy when your product or service is adding value to their life and meeting their needs.Money which is one of the reasons you go into business flows in the direction of value.The value of your product or service is determined by the the customers buying it,depending on the value it adds to them. Why should you expect people to give you their money without you giving them value?The question is that ,is your business or products & services adding value to others people's life and meeting the need of your present customers to their satisfaction? Smile!Smile!! Smile!!! Do you think it is just for fun banks employ workers and paid them salary for just welcoming and greeting customers? It is because they this principle.You too practice the same in your business and see what will be the result in short period of time. welcome your customers with greeting and put on smiling face. Let them feel good and great for coming or branching into your office or shop! Because of time and space I may not be able to discuss into details but I have a complete package title "Best Ways To Attract More Customers To Buy your Products and Services As Well as Retaining The Present Customers" You can read it with your phone or computer, you just need PDF reader because it is in Pdf format. If you don't have it on your phone you can share for it on google and download it. To get this special package to take your business to new level, just paid a token of #1000 which I believe is nothing to you and you can even dash somebody. Well, everything is a matter of choice, you can decide to close this page because of one thousand naira. The ball is in your court . But why not invest this little amount in your business and catapult your business to new level as well as gaining more knowledge.But before you leave I want you to think on what this man says ZIG ZIGLAR by name he says " insanity is doing the same in the same way over and over again and be expecting different result" Well, the decision is yours. But if are ready to give this offer a trial or you have decided to invest this little amount in your business. You can pay this token amount of #1000 to the bank details below ACCESS BANK ACCOUNT NAME: ODEYEMI ABIODUN GABRIEL ACCOUNT NUMBER:0051613895 FIRST BANK ACCT NAME:ODEYEMI ABIODUN GABRIEL ACCT NO:3090506317 AFTER PAYMENT SEND SMS IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT-YOUR PHONE NUMBER,BANK PAID TO,FULL NAME,TELL NUMBER AND UR EMAIL ADDRESS to 08061651713.The full package will be sent to your email immediately I receive the alert from my bank.